Day Two

Thursday 7th May
Heddon-on-the-Wall to Corbridge

Jenny and I awoke early, after a cup of tea, a wash and the packing of our gear we were ready to go down for breakfast. I ordered a fried egg on toast and was presented with a fried egg on fried bread with mushrooms – you didn’t get what you ordered, however, it was good and the service was excellent.

With lots of padding and oodles of Aloe Vera on Brenda B’s feet and a quick application of Volteran on her knee plus a support bandage she was ready for the off.

Brenda's feet!!
Brenda's feet!!

Car packed with Brenda M ensuring we all had our rucksacks on properly, and sticks at the ready we set off on our journey to Port Gate. We stopped to look at the wildlife on the Great Northern Lake, stepping into the hide for protection from the cold wind that was coming off the lake. So far we had not seen much of the Wall, although there is evidence of the vallum along this part of the walk it is not easily visible.

After making contact with Brenda M with the backup vehicle we arranged to meet up for lunch at the Robin Hood’s Inn which is about half way into the days walking. It is also the place to get the second stamp in the passport. It was wonderful to see Brenda M on the path walking towards us and to know she was getting a bit of walking in.

This is a delightful pub, and as four oldies we were eligible for 20% discount! The barman (I’m sure he was only 12), couldn’t believe that we were old enough to be pensioners (yeh right). The carving on the seat (pew) ends were unusual and I just had to take a photo.

Pew end
Pew end

Lunch over we were back on this arrow straight path which follows the line of the wall through Halton Shields and then into a field with a great example of a vallum. The undulating landscape provided some breathtaking views, with a million miles of sky on this windy but bright sunny day.

Brenda M had parked the car at Port Gate and walked back to meet us, she had already been into Corbridge to locate the B&B. The Hayes in Newcastle Road is a fine stone house, very large with high ceilings. We all shared a large room which provided us with wonderful views across a great garden and fields beyond. Taking turns to get showered, and with Brenda on the Volteran again, we took a while to get ready to go out and find food.

With an excellent Chinese meal inside us we eventually returned to our B&B only to find that we had difficulty finding a parking space due to a number of people attending a meeting being held in the house.
After giggling for what seemed like hours we all settled into a sound sleep, with lots of snoring coming from a certain quarter... mentioning no names.