Final Thoughts


To sum up this walk this time, we are glad that we took longer giving us more time to enjoy the beauty that this walk has to offer. The weather was kind and the weather can make or break such a walk.

It was a delight to walk with such happy, considerate and helpful friends including those we met along the way, most of the time we giggled our way from one coast to the other.

Vic & Judy, Chris, the American ladies, John & Steve, Paul & Moya, Geordie Dave & John, David Plant (aka Dave the taxi), and a host of other c2cers made this a most enjoyable walk for us too, the banter and camaraderie was brilliant. It was good to know that we were all looking out for each other having checked who was walking where each day.

I thought that having done the c2c twice it would be out of my system, not so. It’s addictive, I now want to do it again, and talking with Jenny last week she feels the same, so we have not put the boots away yet.

When we did this walk in 2008 (famous five grannies), it was a bit of a rush as we only had 13 days to do it, due to work commitments. The weather was not always conducive to long walks and the days were obviously longer in terms of mileage and therefore more of a challenge.

With the exception of one, all the B&B’s were extremely welcoming and comfortable, making you feel as if you were the first and only person to arrive at their door. Such hospitality makes you feel very special and wanting to come back again.

Julia Bradbury has made this a busy path, and there are times when it feels as if you are never alone, at other times you feel as if you are the only one on the planet. It’s good to know that she has helped the local and national economy by advertising this walk with the BBC. Another great thing about Julia is that she has got a lot of people off their backsides and out into the fresh air getting exercise.

2011 we are planning to do the West Highland Way so if we do get round to doing the c2c again it won’t be until 2012.

If you haven’t got those boots on and done this walk yet, get training, (you do need to be fairly fit), plan and prepare for all eventualities and just do it; whatever the weather it’s a great walk and a wonderful achievement. None of us thought that we could do it, and at the start of it the first time we really did wonder what we had done.


On behalf of the group I should like to thank the following people.

Stuart at Walking Places Without Stuart’s help and advice, you wouldn’t be reading this! Thank you Stuart. (Note from Ed: "No problem!")

Jenny for the use of her car as a backup vehicle, it was invaluable.

Our driver and friend Brenda M who was always there waiting for us just when we needed her most.

Angel Podiatry - Mrs Celia Drakard DPodM HPC Registered Podiatrist has been my podiatrist for a number of years and prepared my feet for the hammering they were about to get.

Our B&B’s en-route:

  • Carol - Stonehouse Farm – St. Bee’s
  • Low Cock How Farm – Ennerdale Bridge
  • Borrowdale YH – Longthwaite
  • Butterlip How YH – Grasmere
  • Patterdale YH – Patterdale
  • Shap – best left unsaid!
  • Olive & Chris Bland – Mostyn House, Orton
  • Redmayne House – Kirkby Stephen
  • Tracy – Tan Hill
  • Hackney House – Reeth
  • Bridgedown House – Richmond
  • Frank & Doreen Phillips - The Old School – Danby Wiske
  • Osmotherley YH – Osmotherley
  • Andrea - Newlands House – Great Broughton
  • Kath – High Blakey House, Blakey Ridge
  • Jean – Beggars Bridge, Glaisdale
  • Judith Ventress – Intake Farm, Littlebeck
  • Karen – The Villa, Robin Hood’s Bay

I should like to thank my husband Keith, son Colin, daughter-in-law Lara, and grandson James, for their support and belief in me. Their encouragement and understanding that I needed to be out training instead of spending time with them, was so helpful. Thank you all so very much.

Finally a big thank you to my walking buddies – Brenda B, Brenda M and Jenny - you crazy lot. Your daft sense of humour, kindness and consideration of others made this walk special.

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