Day Twelve

Saturday 19th June, 2010
Danby Wiske to Osmotherley 12 miles

A lovely breakfast cooked by Frank and Doreen, lots of giggling and laughter with our hosts, these two really have found their niche in life. I would recommend The Old School House to anyone.

Jenny and I made the lunch pack up in the back of the car in the village hall car park, we took the car round to the house to load the cases; kisses and cuddles from our hosts and we were off. The wind was extremely cold so we had our fleeces on with the threat of rain ever present our waterproofs were at the ready.

OK guys where are my boots?
OK guys where are my boots?

After turning off the road towards Moore Farm House a delightful elderly farmer came along in his pick-up; he stopped and chatted to us about the heffers that he was going to see and to give them a vitamin feed. He also told us about his 7yr old grandson and how much the lad enjoyed looking after the animals. Just then the odd guy and the woman came along, the odd guy took over the conversation so we made a hasty retreat and left him talking at the farmer.

By the time we got to Northfield Farm the rain was doing its worst, with strong winds to boot. Struggling against the wind we were all feeling that we had made the right choice in cutting this leg of the walk into two days. Suddenly the rain and wind abated for a while and we were striding out. There were more cows than sheep on this part of the walk, but there are still a few sheep and Brenda B can spot them a mile off.

This is either a blooming great rabbit or a long eared sheep
This is either a blooming great rabbit or a long eared sheep

Soon we were in a less sheltered area and again we had the wind in our faces and rain pelting down; We were hoping to see the Cleveland Hills around this point but with such low cloud and the fact that we had hoods up and heads down there was no way we were going to see them. At last we reached the services on the A19 where Brenda M. and car were waiting. Cups of tea and cake all round and a quick catch up with Paul and Moya who were staying at the Bluebell (just up the road). They didn’t realise how close they were to the end of their day.

We ate our lunch in the back of the car, putting off the inevitable; but eventually we plucked up the courage with lots of giggling; as we got nearer the road all went quiet, we waited for a gap in the traffic, crossed to the middle and then had vehicles whooshing past us on both sides. Oooh hec Help!! The traffic was so fast and we had to take our lives in our hands to get across the last lane, but we are still here to tell the tale.

Strolling up the middle of the road to Ingleby Arncliffe we became aware that there was a car behind us, how long he had been there we had no idea, because we were singing our heads off again…. Well ok making one hec of a din.

Onwards through Arncliffe Woods we met a couple (we had seen them lots during the walk), who were not sure where to go, we helped them and they walked with us up through the woods.

Arcliffe Wood there's a deer in there somewhere
Arcliffe Wood there's a deer in there somewhere

Soon we reached the Cleveland Way signs, and dropped down to Osmotherly.

Turning left we went into the centre of the village and waited by the Golden Lion for Brenda M. Jenny sent her a text but still no Brenda, we waited until we got cold sitting on the bench like the Female Last of the Summer Wine trio we had become known as. So into the only place one would go when one gets cold – the pub for coffee of course. Jenny was having trouble getting a signal on her phone (I didn’t even bother to look, my phone was well and truly on strike), so the waiter put her phone high up in the window, still no response from Brenda.

Brenda M had also been having difficulties getting a phone signal and guessed that we should be in the village by now and came down to find us. She joined us in the pub for coffee and then we were off to the YH.

We checked in as a family and asked if they had a family room and hey presto they had a six bunk room available. So with bags unpacked, laundry sorted off we went to get some of our grotty clothes clean. Well the washing machine seemed normal enough but our load took one and a half hours and we had a second load to do… mmh not such a good idea.

While the laundry was cooking we had dinner at 6.30 and it was excellent, those who came in for the 7pm dinner were complaining of undercooked spuds; one of the complainants was the odd guy and the woman (her husband had given up the walk and gone home).

Back in our room waiting for the last bit of tumble drying to finish, we sorted out our gear for tomorrow, maps and waterproofs at the ready. It was a bit cold in our room but once we settled down for the night (and that took a while as we kept giggling), we all slept like babies…. Well that’s if babies snore!!

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