Welcome to Our Coast to Coast 2010 Journal!

Nothing I have written in this journal is intended to offend or embarrass anyone.
If anyone is offended by anything I have written then I apologise.

We are four old gals who enjoy walking over long distances, it’s as if we are trying to get away from someone/thing!! We are all grandmothers and in 2009 we did Hadrian’s Wall; two of us were part of the Famous Five Grannies that did the Coast to Coast in 2008.

Three of us did the C2C walk this year, plus Brenda M who was not able to manage much of it, mainly due to the fact that she was the backup driver and we appreciated having someone we could trust who would be where she said she would at a given time.

Jenny and Brenda B. are the two craziest sisters I know and we appeared to giggle our way from one coast to the other. It was one of the happiest, relaxing and most pleasurable walks that I have ever had the good fortune of taking.

We did encounter a few obstructions though!

Beasties on the path Beasties on the path

We decided to do the C2C in 17 days this time so that we would have time to just stop and stare and we did a lot of that. A walk should be taken for a number of reasons but most important of all it should be enjoyable.

I should like to add that although we are all in our 60’s (with our average age of 65) this is not a walk to be taken lightly. Training for the walk cannot be emphasised enough, preparation is all important as the terrain is pretty challenging for a large part of the walk.

My father used to say ‘spend a fortune on your boots and a fortune on your bed because if you’re not in one you’re in the other’…..in other words buy a blooming good pair of comfortable boots for this walk.
The weather changes within minutes and although it has been stated elsewhere that you can have all four seasons in one day and most people take this with a pinch of salt – DON’T, it’s true you can get all four seasons in a matter of hours.

Thank you for reading our journal, I do hope that you find it interesting and that it inspires you to get out there and enjoy our beautiful country.

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